E-oscar Dispute Codes

e-Oscar is Used by the Credit Bureaus to Handle Credit Reporting Disputes. The e-Oscar method of investigating credit disputes may be the reason your credit dispute was verified as being accurate when you are positive a mistake has occurred. Credit reporting agencies (CRAs) have created an automated computerized system of dealing with credit disputes.

Problems with e-Oscar

It bothers me that (if you can actually get through all of those acronyms) the description on the website makes it sound as if the companies supplying the information to the credit bureaus (the credit card companies, mortgage companies and collection agencies, for example) original creditor (or data furnisher). From the testimony of Leonard Bennett with the employees of Trans Union, this is not what really happens. Every dispute is reduced to a 2 character code and supporting documentation is NEVER sent to the information furnisher.
The “investigators” at the credit bureaus have a maximum of 4 minutes to determine what 2-digit code to reduce the dispute to send to e-oscar and through e-oscar, the information furnishers.