TurboDispute.com General Overview

Web-Based Credit Repair Software with all the tools needed to start, run and manage a Credit Repair Business!

Manage software and account settings, upload agreements and more

Manage your company information, software reference data, add users, upload your agreements and manage web portals content.

Add affiliate and manage referral clients and leads

The “Affiliates” section of the software gives you an ability to add and manage your affiliates (companies or individuals that will be referring you customers.

Credit repair dispute letter library and letter management

The Letters section of the software allows you to manage your dispute letter templates and categories.

Add and manage customers, plus generate dispute letters

Customers – add, edit, mange customers, add items, generate dispute letters, print dispute letters, enter results and see charts, add tasks, share files and generate invoices for the customer.

Credit repair web portal for your customers

Customers Can Check Status 24/7 Online. No matter what time of day or what time zone, customers can log in and have real-time access to their agreements, attachments, credit repair status, dispute history, notes and more.