“I just saw the new version and IT IS PERFECT!!!!!! I really like this software, and I am extremely happy with the customer support. I can’t thank you guys enough!! I am about to open a second credit repair office on the other side of town, and I can’t imagine using any other software at this point. Your software makes credit repair so EASY. I am about to buy another license to use your software for my second location!!!”
Tony P. (Los Angeles CA )

“This is by far the best software package we have seen. As a complete all-in-one business program, we were able to start our company from scratch and having it running overnight. With a complete website builder and the Client Portal, everything was up and running in no time. Jason was wonderful with all his expert advice and he was able to direct us so we saved thousands of dollars getting going. I will recommend this company to everyone I know wanting to start a credit repair company.”
Glenn W. (Los Angeles CA)

“TurboDispute is the best credit repair business solution available. It has increased our sales and productivity tremendously. I cant wait to get up every morning and go to our office. I don’t believe success would have come without the ease that turbo dispute CRM has to offer!”
Ronald B.  (Las Vegas NV)

“I’m an existing company and ever since I started working with TurboDispute & my Account Executive, my business has been easy to manage. My business is growing now more than ever since we can focus on reciting people for credit repair while TurboDispute focuses on our clients. My Account Executive has been a wonderful person to work with. He is patient, informative, and very helpful & supportive. I am pleased to have a service available. THANKS for everything!!!”
Jonathan G. (Phoenix AZ )

“TurboDispute is the best credit repair business software solution available. I love this system! This was the best investment ever and the customer service is excellent. I’ve tried other softwares and your system is very powerful and affordable. Couple of other companies have similar softwares but their prices are really high and i felt like paying too much. Thank you! I’m making more money than I ever did as a mortgage broker!””
Anthony Lucero (Houston TX )

“My brokers LOVE being able to log in and track their referred Clients’ results. This has allowed me to build strong relationships that will continue to send me the business for years to come. I especially like how my Clients get automatic courtesy emails, updating them on results or reminding them to send in results if too much time has passed. My business practically runs itself so I can focus my time and energy on marketing, which is what I should be doing. Thank you TurboDispute, and my Account Executive, for all your help to make me successful.”
Raul M. (Seattle DC)

“As a small business owner, I realized quickly that my time would be divided between sales, marketing, billing, advertising, client follow up and at least fifty other tasks in a single day. Providing credit repair for clients requires strict organization, expediency, and detailed knowledge of the laws governing credit repair. That requires a dedication of time that simply isn’t available. I tried for several months to provide all services in the house but almost always felt like I was drowning and could never catch up to all the work that needed to be completed. Utilizing turbo dispute’s program was one of the smartest things I’ve done for my company. Not only would I recommend the turbo dispute program I believe it is the solution for credit repair businesses to allow their companies to grow to new levels.”
Timothy W. (Houston Texas)

“We have a lending company. My partner and I decided to add a credit repair services and setup an addition to our office and main services. TurboDispute now helps us manage the customers that come for lending but have bad credit and need to fix it. It is an awesome software with many tools and helps us to manage all customers and fix their credit. We have grown our credit repair service from having several clients to having over 1000 in just a few months!”
Chris Moore (Los Angeles CA)