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Table of Contents

  1. Software Overview
  2. Manage Settings, Agreements, Customer Email and Users
  3. Add Customer and Create Disputes
  4. Dispute Letter Library and Letter Management.
  5. Affiliate and Referral Customers
  6. Customer Web Portal
  7. What is a Credit Report and How To Read It
  8. Credit Repair Dispute Results
  9. Credit Score

1.TurboDispute software general overview - top

2. Settings - Manage your company information, software reference data, add users, upload your agreements and manage web portals content. - top

3. Customers - add, edit, mange customers, add items, generate dispute letters, print dispute letters, enter results and see charts, add tasks, share files and generate invoices for the customer. - top

4. Dispute letter library and letter management. - top

5. Add Affiliate and Manage Referral Clients - top

6. Customer's Credit Repair Web Portal. - top

7. What is a Credit Report and How To Read It - top

8. Credit Repair Dispute Results - top

9. Credit Score - top

Once again, thank you so much for using TurboDispute. We would be glad to help you if you have any questions relating to the software.

TurboDispute Team

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